Ukraine Conflict

Ukraine and China – Sir Clive Johnstone

Former Vice Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone addresses the Stubbs Society on a wealth of issues

The Stubbs Society was honoured to be joined by Sir Clive Johnstone, former Vice Admiral in the Royal Navy for a talk and Q&A on 6th June 2023. The event proved highly insightful: Sir Clive had a career which began with commands of frigates and culminated with him being Commander, Allied Maritime Command during which he oversaw NATO’s maritime forces. Through this prism, he gave the Stubbs Society an unparalleled insight into the state of modern naval warfare, examining: the South China Sea and the 9-dash line; the importance and utility of Britain’s new aircraft carriers; and Russia’s ability within the realms of undersea warfare and sabotage capabilities.

Additionally, Sir Clive gave the Stubbs Society a detailed overview of his thoughts of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. He outlined what he thought to be the next stages of the conflict, while highlighting the extent of Putin’s blunders and misjudgements. Similarly, he underlined the vast training programmes which the UK has provided and continues to provide to Ukrainian Soldiers, and the resultant effect that this has had on Ukraine’s ability to fight and adeptly strategize, often more successfully that their adversaries.

The Stubbs Society would like to extent our thanks to Sir Clive for making the time to talk to us, and to Oriel College for hosting.