Technology and Ethics in National Security – Simon Hosking

The Stubbs Society for Foreign Affairs and Defence was delighted to host Simon Hosking for a lecture and discussion on 25th April 2023. Simon, having spent 20 years in the Foreign Office and now employed by Deloitte as a Partner in helping with Cyber, Defence and Security affairs, provided The Society with a fascinating insight into the world of cyber security. Mr Hosking highlighted the intricate decisions that policy makers are currently facing, emphasising the great difficulties associated with data storage, access and availability. In doing so, he opened Member’s eyes to the international moral maze that cyber-security currently dwells in, underscored by various sophisticated questions posed to the Members about which little agreement could be found. Additionally to the ethical questions considered, Mr Hosking elucidated a complex view of other international cyber-security questions, and urged members to consider the extent to which legislation could order the international cyber-world, another point about which opinions were greatly varied. The Stubb’s society wishes to thank Mr Hosking for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak to us.